Me in WORDS.

Hi! My name is Qay (pronounce it 'K'). I'm a destination wedding photographer based in Scotland and Malaysia, but most of the time I’m traveling. Like my name, I’m a simple guy who loves to travel and a food lover!  Living an adventures life with my beloved wife and four boys (yes, you read it right: four).



Picture's, they tell a story that will be passed down for generations. I believe that every wedding has a different story to tell. Those stories begin with you, and let it unfold by themselves. This is where I fit in. I use a non-traditional and natural approach with a fine-art touch, but I am remain a storyteller who creates your visual legacy.

I deeply appreciate your interest in my work, for that, I thank you for your time and effort.
The best way to connect with me is if you have a look at my previous work.
My approach in telling the story of your day through my visual is not for everyone, but if you’re in love my work and each other, we could tell an amazing story together!