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It is very likely that you are searching for a Nara wedding photographer or Nara wedding photography, and ended up here. This page was specially designed for couples who is looking for a wedding photography service, and welcome ! 

I'm a destination & elopement wedding photographer based in Malaysia & Scotland. Documenting weddings all over Asia, Europe and worldwide is what make me passionate about wedding photography.

I love to travel and visit new places to capture intimate moments and create what I love to call it, a visual legacy. If you have time check out my wedding stories or even better my blog. If you like what you see  and would love to have me as your Nara Destination Wedding Photographer or Nara Elopement Wedding Photographer, please contact me and we can talk further.

 If you are having your wedding in Japan or any wedding venue in Indonesia, feel free to browse through my website.

Thank you.