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Me in WORDS.

Hi! My name is Qay (pronounce it 'K'). I'm a destination wedding photographer based in Scotland and Malaysia, but most of the time I’m traveling. Like my name, I’m a simple guy who loves to travel and a food lover!  Living an adventures life with my beloved wife and four boys (yes, you read it right: four).



Picture's, they tell a story that will be passed down for generations. I believe that every wedding has a different story to tell. Those stories begin with you, and let it unfold by themselves. This is where I fit in. I use a non-traditional and natural approach with a fine-art touch, but I am remain a storyteller who creates your visual legacy.

I deeply appreciate your interest in my work, for that, I thank you for your time and effort.
The best way to connect with me is if you have a look at my previous work.